Okay so I think I figured it out.  Probably a good idea for me to post my open positions here.  Lets see how it goes. Now if I can just figure out how to post to this second page.  Any suggestions?

Vahid Behzadi
Executive Recruiter

UPDATE —- So I added a widget on my front page with my open positions. Looks like I won’t be able to post things to this page. But if you are looking for a new position with me, have a look up on the right hand side. Openings will be right near the top. Vahid


Or just try this link:


  1. Hi Vahid,
    I just saw your ad for SQL Server DBA in Leonia, NJ on I applied for that.
    I live in Leonia, NJ and looking for SQL Server DBA. Please look at my resume when you have time. Since the job is in my town, I can be very flexible on salary side. Thanks.

  2. Dear Vahid,
    I am not sure, but I think I am blind. I looked and looked, and could not find your email address on any of your posting. Could you email it to me.


  3. hi, i have been into this industry for more than 5 years now. but since i have been switching jobs and tried my own business in between. my total work experience is about 2 years. So far I have worked with 4 companies, I am open to work in usa or i can work part time from home. i have made 6 big portals like matrimony(3 times), jobs & property(2 times) and more than a dozen small websites like search engine or billing system.


  4. Hello, my name is jorge gomez i mexican, well i have some question and i know if you can help me or what you think about my situation, i find job in dallas texas because my wife’s company move to the next year, she have the TN visa and i have TD and i need job you think i can get job i belechor in information system is dificult find job on my situation?

    Best regards,

    Jorge gomez osuna

  5. Hi Vahid

    I recently applied to the Director Product Management position on CyberCoders.; check it out! I also read your comments about the job market and 2 week notice.

    I agree the job market will begin to upswing; it will be about patience and perseverance. reports continuing increase in unemployment rates and turning of the economy will be a long haul.

    On the 2 week notice, yes, it is all about integrity first. Putting your best foot forward to communicate and provide a learning trail along with leaving the company better using skill sets and personality then when first starting will be an asset to any sought after transition.

  6. Vahid, I noticed a post on Dice for a design engineer involved with Solidworks 3D CAD. I am very interested in the position and would love to get in contact with you!

  7. Ingrid Glaeser
    415 431 7958

    Re: Sales/Customer Support/Phone Sales

    Hello Vahid,

    I am writing in response to the Sales/Customer Service Position you have currently listed.
    My background is the graphic and printing industry and I have gained
    many more skills in different fields over the years as freelancer or contractor.
    I have done administrative and clerical as well as marketing
    assignments in all the positions I held.

    Previously I worked in a high end furniture showroom in the Design Center
    as an administrator and expeditor filling in for a colleague on maternity leave.
    This required to be in constant contact with clients as well as vendors.
    Later on I managed a smaller showroom and was responsible
    for marketing, customer service, sales and administrative work.

    I do enjoy paper work, getting things in order, customer service, administration
    and especially interaction with people.

    I have been very successful at my latest position
    in selling high end furniture and providing excellent customer service.

    Multi-tasking, meeting deadlines and attention to details are second nature to me,
    coming originally from the graphic design/printing industry.
    Enclosed is a copy of my résumé, which details my skills and suggests
    how I might be of service to your company and why I feel I would be
    an excellent asset to your business.

    Being a creative person with a sense of humor, and exceptionally
    well organized are probably some of my greatest assets.
    My communication skills are excellent, be it over the phone
    or on-line.

    Please contact me at your convenience at
    the above address or by telephone at (415) 431-7958.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Sincerely yours,

    Ingrid Glaeser

    Ingrid Glaeser

    Versatility and adaptability.
    Excellent computer skills.
    Great communication and team building skills in
    English and German.
    Ability to manage multiple tasks in a pressured environment.
    E-commerce experience.
    Mac and PC

    Currently volunteer work for ArtSpan.

    Work Experience:

    MC Leather Furniture, San Francisco 2005-2009 + freelance work
    • Provided administrative support to the business owner
    • Provided excellent sales and customer service support
    • Worked diligently on the sales floor and maintained showroom
    • Allocated and processed orders
    • Scheduled and tracked orders
    • Created new customer accounts, updated existing accounts,
    made refunds and compensations and entered other important data via CRM.
    • Handled credit card payments, resolved payment issues
    such as reimbursements and exchange of merchandise
    • Worked with vendors determining future purchases
    • Managed projects such as reupholstering furniture and
    refurnishing mid century pieces.
    • Prepared merchandise for shipping.

    Aspen Media, San Francisco 2000-2005 + freelance work
    • Sales for on-site offset print shop
    • Worked closely with drop-in clients
    to improve their solve their printing needs
    • Data entry and update, data archiving and retrieving,
    installation and calibration of software
    • Pre-press production, pre-flighting customer files, editing, scanning,
    color correction, large format inkjet posters, banners and signs
    for trade shows and exhibits
    • CD burning. Identity design, concept and layouts for brochures,
    packaging, business cards, posters, signs, banners and T-shirts
    • Created layered templates and layouts for packaging, and
    processed diecuts and did the final proofing

    Caulastics, Daly City 1998-1999 until company moved to East Bay
    • Managed Pre-Press Department
    • Pre-press production for on-site plastic offset printer
    • Designed plastic ID cards and consulted customers with the best choice
    of plastic for their needs, color corrected provides images
    • Resolved Font issues and handled hardware and computer troubleshooting
    • Followed artwork through from design to finish
    • Archived artwork on CDs for future printing needs

    Bill Graham Presents -Winterland Productions, San Francisco 1989 – 1997
    • Design and color separation for art work to be silk screened on
    T-Shirts and other textile merchandise
    • Clients included Levi’s, Dockers, Sierra Club, Greenpeace, and Rock n Roll
    catalogs such as The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrisson and many more.

    Computer Skills:
    Highly proficient in:
    Photoshop 7
    MS Office/Excel/Word
    Adobe Acrobat
    Illustrator 8
    Filemaker Pro

    Graduated with BA in Graphic Arts from the Institute for Graphic Arts,
    Munich, Germany. Journeyman Status in Typography and Pre Press.

  8. Dear Vahid,

    I just applied to the Systems Software Developer position in Manhattan, NY through the CyberCoders website. I really appreciate it if you take a look at my resume, and I am eagerly looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,

  9. Good afternoon,

    I applied for the Business Development Manager-Ad Sales opening on Cyber Coders. I have a record of success in ad sales and would love to contribute to this organization. I welcome the opportunity to speak to you and showcase my skills.


    Millisen Smith

  10. hi Vahid,
    Is there an email where I can directly contact you. I could not find one. I would really appreciate it.


  11. I am very intrested in that position, I can relocate as soon as you need me. I have plenty of experience with Front End Development, CMS Drupal and WordPress, SEO, Analytics and more. Thanks a lot!

  12. سلام نوروزتون خجسته

    دوست عزیز من تواینترنت، تو یه سایت، آگهی برنامه نویسی فلش شما رو دیدم.

    اگه ممکنه می خواستم بدونم طراحی و اجرای کار باید حضوری باشه یا میشه اینترنتی هم کار کرد؟

    من خودم سابقه کار اجرایی با فلش و برنامه نویسی نسخه 3 و 2 رو دارم.
    البته الان با نسخه 3 کار می کنم.
    تخصص و علاقه مندی من هم بیشتر در زمینه طراحی سیستمهای چند رسانه ای و اینتراکتیو هست که بصورت شی گرا و با مدیریت منابع سیستمی اجرا میشه.

    در زمینه های زیر هم به ترتیب از بالا به پایین، کم و بیش فعالیت داشتم
    VB6, photoshop
    XML, Adobe Air, Flex, php, Joomla
    robotics & image processing

    با تشکر

  13. hey, i saw your posting on cyber.

    i thought it might be better to actually come to your blog and contact you with some real human touch.

    i am an all rounded digital graphic designer. I’ve worked with many independent corporations, both domestic and international, revamping websites into modern CSS3 and highly UI interactive capable websites.

    here is just a few of my sample web designs: –(Under Construction)

    i have a wide range of experience from interior 3d modeling, to web design/ front end flash, javascript, to various graphic designs.

    please email me and i’ll send you my full resume


    i look forward hearing from you.


  14. Hi.
    I’ve been working for more than seven years in hardware engineering after graduation from Tehran University in Iran. I’ve involved in various type of projects but mostly I work as an R&D engineer for implementing hardware for communication systems. Also I’ve work in some project for DVB-T transmitter and receiver. I was responsible for writing HDL blocks by VHDL/Verilog for Xilinx/Altera FPGAs.

    Also, I’ve designed some complex and multilayer PCBs in some companies.

    Now I am working in an ASIC design company as a digital designer of communication system.

    I’d like to go abroad and have an international working experience.
    I think my English is good for working in an English language work place.

    If you are seeking a hard-working and self-motivated hardware engineer,he is here:-)

    Ali Charaki

  15. Hello there Vahid,

    I’m very interested in the position for Buyer. Its posted on CyberCoders as “Merchandise Buyer – Luxury Goods – eCommerce – Fashion – Retail”. You must take a look at my impressive resume. Please flag my resume. I’m looking forward to meeting you.

  16. Hi Vahid,

    I just applied for the Sr UI Designer job in Fairfax, VA but did not see a confirmation that my app it was accepted. Please let me know if you do not receive it and I’ll forward it to you via email.

    thank you,
    D Nelson

  17. Dear Dear Vahid,

    I am applying for the position posted on JOB TITLE
    Software Engineer – Classic ASP – PHP/MySQL – LAMP – Web – eComm

    At your convenience, I’d appreciate the opportunity to discuss the position and my candidacy with you.

    You can find my resume below. I am looking to bring my 23+ years of development work, marketing, and client-focused online, oral, and interpersonal communication skills internally to succeed in this position.
    Pertinent experience and skills for the posted position include:
    Development work for: – Responsible for registration page (FLEX, MYSQL, PHP, CSS, HTML/XHTML) – Flash Widget (FLASH, AS3, XML, PHP, RSS) – Approximately 16,000 users. (PHP, MYSQL, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, FLASH, HTML/XHTML)
    • – Greenstreet Rewrite in Development Mode – DiningDeals Open Source Ecommerce Web Site (created in osCommerce, PHP, MYSQL, JAVASCRIPT)

    William P. Ragusa

    I am a PHP/Web developer with a wide array of skills, a broad knowledge base from which to draw from and many years of experience working with the web. I am quick to grasp new ideas and concepts, and to develop innovative and creative solutions to problems. I am able to work well on my own initiative and can demonstrate the high levels of motivation required to meet the tightest of deadlines. Even under significant pressure, I possess a strong ability to perform effectively. My approach to development has always been to initiate game-changing, disruptive strategies to drive major web site growth or business web site turnaround for information technology.
    To obtain a creative and challenging position that enables me to use my commercial experience in the Web Development, and design skills that I gained as part of working with a newspaper media company. My objective is to make a positive impact on clients, co-workers, and the Internet using all points of application development processes.

    URLS – Approximately 16,000 users. (PHP, MySQL, FLASH, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, HTML/XHTML) – Above site rewrite in New Development. – Responsible for registration page (FLEX, AS3, PHP, MYSQL, CSS, HTML/XHTML) – This link is my flash weather widget (FLASH, AS3, PHP, XML, RSS) – OpenSource osCommerce (PHP, MYSQL, JAVASCRIPT, HTML/XHTML, CSS, PayPal)

    FLEX 3– Adobe Inc. (1 week class from Adobe)
    Learning Tree International

    Strong Ecommerce, Open Source, FLEX (3/2), FLASH/Action Script 3.0, PHP, LAMP, MYSQL, ORACLE, ASP, .NET, AJAX/JavaScript, jQuery, HTML/XHTML, CSS, osCommerce, SEO/PPC, MAMP, Credit Card API, Microsoft SharePoint Server/Designer, Shell Scripting, SQL, SOAP, XML/XSL, RSS, Visual Basic, APACHE, Microsoft IIS Servers.

    Adobe Flash Builder, Adobe Flex Builder, Adobe Flash CS4, PSD, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Dreamweaver CS4, Adobe InDesign CS4, Adobe Fireworks CS4, WordPress, MAMP, Microsoft SharePoint/Designer, SkipJack, Some Shell Scripting, SQL, Visual Basic, EZPublish, Crystal Reports, Open Source, Business Objects, Informatica, My SQL, Oracle/ SQL Plus, Visual Studio .Net, Visual Interdev, NuSphere PHPed, TextWrangler, notepad, MS Office Suite.

    NEWSDAY MEDIA GROUP, Melville, NY 2004 – Present
    Web Developer / Designer / Programmer
    Served as the primary web developer on company’s flagship product Helped build and grow the site to be one of the most popular going green web sites on the Internet. Developing 2nd phase in WordPress.

    • Modified all pages in PHP.
    • Normalized database tables and performed extensive query optimization.
    • Cleaned up and rewrote front end HTML and CSS to meet validation requirements.
    • Maintained 24/7 high volume availability demands using open source tools such as Linux, Apache, PHP, and MySQL.
    • Maintained ongoing organic SEO effort leading to the elimination of a paid search campaign and eventual position as market leader.
    • Identified and implemented missed SEO opportunities that increased site traffic exponentially.
    • Created a marketing platform for promoting the business that became an industry standard.
    • Designed email newsletters for site launches and announcements.

    Key accomplishments:

    • As part of the development team, programmed a registration gateway to tie together Newsday’s systems using PHP, MySQL, and Flex for the papers website. In addition to code development, maintained project documentation and assisted in application design.

    • Dynamic web site design and programming using RSS, XML, PHP, FLASH, ACTION SCRIPT, HTML, DHTML, CSS. Set up Weather Widget to run on Newsday’s web site. Online logo and graphic identity development, to online marketing, search engine placement and promotion.

    • Reprogrammed and modified using osCommerce Framework to create an Open Source online shop e-commerce solution for Newsday to sell restaurant vouchers via PayPal on Developed in PHP v5 and MySQL v5. Effort required a new normalized MySQL database, extensive SQL query optimization, a database conversion application and PHP application development. Also wrote custom JavaScript functions and assisted in supporting the PayPal web site.

    Web Developer 1987- 2004

    • Key Developer for Newsday’s Publisher/Chief Technical Officer/Chief Financial Officer for an Advertising Payment intranet website during a critical time for Newsday Inc. 2003/2004.

    • Strategized and drove the creation of web site delivery for Newsday applications in Customer Service Circulation, Billing, Editorial, Account Receivables and Account Payables, Human Resources, Transportation, Public Affairs and Classified departments.

    • Lead designer and web developer for web sites and promotional media for Newsday intranet businesses.

    • Designing applications using EZ PUBLISH (Open Source).

    • Maintain internal tools for managing site structure, news data, and company intranet sites.

    • Assist with design efforts for site pages, content management, photo galleries, video features, and mobile technology.

    • Provide technical support for some networks for usability and critical site problems, as needed.

    • Utilized contemporary design to create concise web sites for specific client needs. Online payment features using PayPal and a credit card site called Skipjack for credit card processing.

    • Created and assembled web graphics, including logos and advertisements.

    • * Created Silent Auction website for United Way Foundation over 10 years; raised 28k in 2008.

    • Used IBM internal site standards for interface coding. Extensive use of SQL, and some UNIX Shell Scripting required. Assisted with proof-of-concept reviews and stress testing of web sites.

    • Primary technical contact for critical issues for global IBM intranet application used for opportunity management and global sales forecasting. Tasks included resolving technical failures in a timely manner, automating application monitoring tools, and providing technical expertise for application upgrades

    University of SUNY Farmingdale
    Associate Degree, Computer Science
    • Studies focused in application development, IT project management, multimedia design, technical planning, and business case analyses.

    United Way Campaign Award 2009
    United Way Campaign Award 2008
    United Way MVP 2005 – 2006
    DISCUS Implementation Award 2006
    Innovative Award 2005
    Newsday Publishers Award 1997
    Newsday Publishers Award 1998

  18. Vahid,

    I’ve got some really good social media and app game idea. The only problem is that I have little to no programming skills and very little cash to hire someone else. If there is a programmer out the who would be interested in splitting the profits, I’d love to share my ideas with you. Vahid, I’d appreciate your advice as well.


  19. Sr.​ Director/​VP of IT – eCommerce – Strategic – Tactical – 24/​7 – Global – IT Services – Data Center near Los Angeles, CA

    is this position still open and available?

  20. Hello Vahid,

    I am interested in the iPhone Developer-Computer Science position. I have numerous skills to offer; I guess you can call me a “Jack of all Trades”. I have a Third Place State Award for my writing, have an Associates Degree in Computer Science(AAS), I have graduated with Math Honors(Mu Alpha Theta), have freelance writing experience with Associated Content and Textbroker, have management skills, sales experience, and have my own blog, website, and YouTube channel. I am very interested in your company and am willing to relocate. I currently live in Texas. Please contact me as soon as you can with any information that you may have.

    Thank you,

    Christine Ghoufiri

  21. Vahid, we’ve spoken before and you once had me on 2nd interviews in New York City via various Game Programming (e.g. XNA, C#, 2D/3D graphics, etc)… I’m consulting and highly interested in anything you may have in those areas. Please keep in touch 🙂


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