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One comment on “Links and Resources

  1. I have applied to iPhone application developing Job posting on However in the Job Question section, I am not about to save and apply. I am just wondering what to do in that case. Therefore, I decided to answer the questions throw email, if you don’t mind

    Please read the job description below and tell us why you are a great fit for this position.

    Even though I do not have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, I have huge interest in developing iPhone applications and games. Therefore, I decide to study necessary components to master iPhone application developments. I believe that people that enjoy programming will be more efficient. Because I enjoy developing application and solving challenges, I know that I am most suitable for the position.

    What is: a) Desired salary for this position? b) Your current/last base salary and total annual compensation including bonuses/commissions? c) Reason for seeking new employment?

    a) Desired salary is 50,000.
    b) YES
    c) Seeking more challenges. I have finished developing application for current company.

    What is the scope of your experience with a) Mobile Application development b) iPhone Application Development c) Objective-C/Cocoa?

    a) Fully developed and designed a mobile (iphone) application for a company
    b) same as a)
    c) good understanding of objective c and cocoa because I am familiar with object oriented programming and studied xcode for a year

    What is the scope of your experience in a) XML b) CSS c) XCode d) Computer Science?

    a) basic understanding of XML.
    b) None
    c) Solid understanding in xcode programming
    d) Masters of Science degree in Computational design which includes Object Oriented Programming.

    What is the scope of your experience with a) Game Development/Design b) iPhone Game development? List your published iPhone apps with URLs where applicable

    a) None
    b) I do not have any published application yet but in testing to finalize the application.

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