2 comments on “COER – Paying it Forward: Candidate Showcase – Dwight Germer, AIA

  1. Vahid, I am a recruitment consultant, based in the UK working for Beresford Blake Thomas. I specialize in Architecture,landscape and urban design to the Middle East. I have been in contact with Dwight through the godfather website of Networking “Linked In” which I would advise any professional to get on, now more so than ever. I totally agree with what you are doing and felt I had to comment to show my support. It is a very difficult time for professionals in all sectors at present, Architecture, Construction, Banking you name it. We currently live in a world with to many exceptional candidates but not enough jobs to get these highly trained candidates like Dwight back into work. I studied Dwight’s profile and can tell you as a professional myself this time last year if he found himself out of work, he would be walking into a company with open arms ready to snap up his skills set. I would of had many consultancies and construction companies that would be interested. This may seem like pretty basic advise but sometimes people forget to simplify matters. Never start questioning you skills and abilities, you were in the position you had because you have skills that are highly regarded and very much needed. Things will pick up, I am already starting to see signs in the locations I cover. Everyone thought the Middle East and I am talking about Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Qatar etc. were too rich to every be effected. I think we can all say that we were wrong. I must highlight that these areas of the world have big plans and reaching their goals is a must and will heavily rely on overseas talent… What goes down, must come up……keep networking, keep an open mind,don’t be afraid of new challenge’s wether that be working locations or adjusting you job roles “just keep swimming” the famous word of an animated fish.

    Adrian Duffy
    Beresford Blake Thomas

  2. This candidate showcase is a great idea! I happen to know Dwight personally, so I wanted to comment. You could not have picked a better choice for your Blog. He is a true professional that takes pride in everything he does. His calm demeanor and quick wit makes him a joy to be around. I will continue to read your blog. Well done.

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