2 comments on “Contract JOBS vs Full Time EMPLOYMENT

  1. I understand the 1099 and W2 issue. Working Freelance can be nice for free-time and making a chunks of cash quick. Some W2 work can feel under paid but having healthcare, 401K, and something steady month after month is very nice. Freelance work can get stressful when making bills and hoping that your customers pay up in a timely manner. So, If I could choose I would want that W2.

    Next on your list you talk about salary in Business like Freelance; There is a saying called (He who mentions numbers (PAY) first, Is He who looses.)
    If someone offers me a job for up to 100K – I will go for it. Give me the most I can have. I don’t want to under sell myself. Because I will treat my career like marriage (until death do us part). But then again; I really don’t want to look greedy. Sure I could take less. But – I’m in it for the long haul. I DON’T want to have to live life without having that Dream home, that I always wanted or not having that large family or many children and not being able to have the wife stay at home to raise the kids. You know you would not want to have your wife work to provide for the family. I would like that traditional family image as father being the bread winner. So, if I accept a salary that is low – Then I would personally know that I would have to adjust my dream with the reality of the cash flow. That’s Life. Hopefully the career I choose is one that can pay for these dreams. lol. No Seriously. 😉

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